"What If You Catch Pneumonia And Die?"

"It's up to your knees out there...Baby, it's cold outside!" Please, take that phrase literally, 'cause that's what it's like outside. Thus, I've decided to stay inside so The Donner Party Two does not ensue, with a warm cup of tea, red lipstick, and the outfit I wore when I had ventured out earlier, braving the cold, risking life and limb (Well it wasn't so bad this morning, but, I digress!) in a skirt.



I shouldn't be allowed to get bored, but, oh! How I love it!

Wearing Mossimo Tissue Tee black turtleneck, Cherokee Polka Dot Tulle Trim Skirt in grey*, black knit tights, mock-locket silver and rhinestone long necklace (not sure where it's from), Burt's Bee's red lipstick

* (Yes, I'm well aware that that's from the kids' clothing at Target, but, as the expression goes if the shoe fits...)

1. $10 Target, 2. $10 Target (Girls' department), 3. My basement, 4. A gift, 5.  Burt's Bees Wings Of Love All Natural Lipstick, discontinued

All yours,
\/era Lē