Yes, Yes

I am indeed soliciting to my adoring, demanding public:
I heard something which made me quite excited, hopeful, and happy all in the same breath: A photo contest for my eyes! La!
No, not just to look at photos with them, but enter a photo of my eyes.
I'm always scouring the web, newspaper (yes, I'm old fashioned), and magazines for something––anything––to help fund a way to something, e.g., COLLEGE!!!, I'll want to do or some place, e.g, COLLEFE!!!, I'll want to go.
So, here is a link for one and all to feed into my vanity (kidding) on Brickfish for my entry of my loverly green eyes. There's no sign up necessary, just vote. You can vote once a day, everyday. I at least need to get into the top 100, so vote it up, post it around and. Get. This. Viral!

All yours, \/era Lē

Something Crazy

2010 is gone. Dead. Deceased. R.I.P. 2010. I've lived through two millennia, two centuries, three decades - and I'm not yet 20. Well, that's weird.
Hm. Yes.
Well, anyways. I've decided to follow through with things this year and go all trendy-trendy and start a blog.
I've recently stumbled into the fashion world head-over-heels. I'm fascinated with fabrics, and enthralled with designs. 
Everyone has a fashion blog nowadays, so I've decided to ad my own quirk to my blog. I've decided to not just post about the top designers et al, but about vintage shopping, my inspirations, getting inspiration, make up, costumes, history, and (hopefully) do some vlogging. I'm going to attempt to document my daily wears  as well (inspiration: via I also, sometime, hope to get some photos up. 

So, as I'm generally new to all this I'd much love your inspirations and ideas. Or whatever else. I always love neat new things!

All yours, \/era Lē